Two days down but luckily still three to go!

We are through the sneak peak night and the first official day of the National and it’s been busy so far.

Started off the first night with the VIP reception then out on the floor for the Eddie Giacomin free autograph and some wrapper redemptions from Topps, Upper Deck, and Panini.

The Upper Deck was the standard four card pack of random athletes with the occasional auto added in.  Opened my box of Goodwin Champions to get four packs and pulled a Sam Bennett Auto #’d to 50 from them.

Panini had their usual silver pack give away.  Started off with two boxes of Prizm Draft Picks football (looking for Michigan Wolverine cards) with each box getting me nine silver packs.  Typical assortment with base cards, numbered cards, a couple memorabilia cards and each year I always seem to get an 8×10 autographed photo with this year being Marquise Goodwin.  The one change this year was a greater number of cards that were serially numbered.

For Topps this year it was a four card pack of National exclusive Bowman Chrome refractors with numbered refractors and autographs mixed in.  On the first night my ten packs netted me some good players including golds (/50) of Corey Seager, Carlos Correa, & Hank Aaron plus a red 1/5 of Madison Bumgarner.

Thursday started off with some more Topps wrapper redemptions.  This time they were limiting people to seven packs at a time.  My first trip through got me three more gold refractors then it was off to get the Brad Marsh VIP autograph.  Once the autograph was done it was back to Topps to finish off my last two boxes which resulted in seven more packs.  This time I got another gold and a second red refractor, this time a 2/5 Luis Severino.

Walked the floor for a little bit picking up some cards.  Mostly smaller stuff for my shows back home but I did pick up a Topps Supreme Fernando Valenzuela auto for my Dodgers collection and a Five Star Howie Long auto that may or may not eventually wind up in my collection.

For the first time this year I jumped in a couple box wars.  First up was Prime Sigs football.  They wanted the lowest jersey number on a base or parallel card.  With 21 people in I thought I was doing good with Russell Wilson and his #3 but three different people had a player with a #1, two of them Cam Newton.  Next they did card number 84 and the winner hit it right on winning a box of National Treasures Basketball.  The second one was a box of Prizm racing which I thought was going to be small but still ended up being 8 or 9 people.  They were looking for highest serial number and someone with a card of 124/149 took it winning a Panini Promo box that had a 1/5 Porzingis auto inside.  I think the guy who got it was purely a racing fan because he didn’t know who Porzingis was.

Prizm racing just came out Wednesday so this was the first look since Panini took over the NASCAR license.  It was a $75 box that promises 3 autograph or memorabilia hits.  Looked to be the standard one autograph and two memorabilia cards with one of them being numbered.   There are also different levels of prizm parallels with a few of them numbered.  I did manage to get a Ned Jarrett auto numbered to 50 and a gold prizm Denny Hamlin #’d 09/10 card.  A decent first box.  I’ll be opening a blaster case when I return home from the National to have plenty of singles for my shows.

Finished off the day by buying into a box break with, who I use a lot at home.  I drew the Washington Redskins in an 18 box case break of Clear Vision but somehow there were no numbered, autograph, or memorabilia cards of the Redskins.  This being the National all entrants received two silver packs from Panini so the Jared Goff towel card and the Devonta Freeman glove card /49 was a good consolation prize.

Ready to head off for day three.  The day will start off with the Mike Richter autograph for my New York Rangers collection.  I also plan to drop off a few of my duplicates from the Bowman Chrome redemption cards with COMC to add to my account.  After that who knows what day three will bring.